Ranch Fairy 200-Grain Three Blade


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    Ranch Fairy 200-Grain Three Blade

    Cutting Diameter of 1”
    Blade length of 2.10”
    Blade thickness of .042”


    • Premium Steel heat treated to a perfect blend of durability and sharpen-ability.
    • 1” cutting diameter for a decreased blade angle for a decreased angle of attack. This increases penetration and decrease deflection.
    • Raised inner rib for increased structural integrity.
    • The Smooth dishing of the inner rib aids in penetration, as well as flight stability at high speeds.
    • Cut on Contact Tip. Reduces skip angle and aids in splitting bones.
    • Ceramic finish for a slick surface to aid in penetration and corrosion resistance.
    • Spin tested for trueness.
    • Ready to hunt.
    • Packaged weight-matched .  +/- 2g.


    Sold in packs of 3.

    *Please allow a couple extra days for shipping. These heads are hand finished upon order.

    3 reviews for Ranch Fairy 200-Grain Three Blade

    1. Terry Snodgrass

      Super pumped to get these as a Father’s day gift. Easy to sharpen and the edge restored perfectly, even after pounding them into TX rocky soil. Great quality. 2 for 2 pass through shots on hogs so far.

    2. EDWARD KETHLEY (verified owner)

      These things shoot great! Super easy to sharpen, especially following RF’s YT video instructions. Looking forward to using them throughout whitetail and seasons for years to come!

    3. Clayton Horne (verified owner)

      These broadheads hit with my field points! I am shooting them with an Excalibur crossbow and have taken a turkey and a doe withe the same head so far this year. As long ad you can find your arrow these heads are easily resharpened. I hope to have them for years!
      Thanks RF

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