Precision Field Points

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    Precision field points for the precision archer!

    With weights spanning from 100gr to 300gr, we have you covered with the best USA-made precision point. These points fit ALL Sirius shafts (does not include bolts).

    Sold in quantities of 12.  Packaging may vary.

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    100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300

    3 reviews for Precision Field Points

    1. John Mabry

      I weighed these upon receiving them and they were exactly in spec. When you’re seriously building a heavy arrow set up and you want everything to perform as it’s suppose to, you have to make sure your money is well spent! Just another product I love from this company!

    2. Jeff Richards

      I got 12 of these in 150 gr and they all matched I was amazed Perfect!

    3. Gabriel Hendy

      These field points have a rubber o ring on them to help keep them from coming out when shooting and I have been very pleased with them!

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