Best Diamond Sharpening Set EVER!!!- (4) Grits 300/600/1000/1200


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    Are you looking for the best diamond stone sharpening set for broadheads and knives?  You found it!  Diamond stones are the best way to hone on your broadheads to a mirror finish making them more lethal!  Each Set comes with two stones (each weighs approximately two pounds!) and each stone has a different grit on each side.  In addition to the amazing stones, you get a heavy-duty rubber stone base that makes sharpening a breeze.  The diamond stones are extra-large to be able to accommodate all sharpening guides.

    Kit includes:

    Two XL Diamond Sharpening Stones (Grits 300/600 and 1000/1200)

    XL Diamond Stone Rubber Adjustable Holder


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