BloodRing 3-Pack W/ Six Brass Practice Weights


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  • Hand Honing

    This option allows for your BloodRings to be hand honed and stropped.  

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    Help spray a little more blood on your track!!!  The BloodRing add-on to all Evolution 2.0 single-bevel broadheads removes the worry of not having blood on your next tracking job!

    Key Features:

    • Designed using NON-Hardened stainless steel to enable the BloodRings to bend or break if they hit heavy bone.  Single-bevel broadheads are designed to split heavy bone, and BloodRings are designed to GET OUT OF THE WAY!
    • Each BloodRing is hand-ground and is not a mass-produced product.  Weights vary from 12.0-13.0 grains.

    • Leaves a triangle evulsion in a traditional single-bevel’s famous “S” cut to prevent the wound from closing.
    • Grabs lung tissue as it passes through.
    • Six brass weights are included so that you can practice with your field tips or with your broadheads without additional damage to your target.

    Important Notes:

    • These will never be as sharp as your Tuffhead Evolution Broadheads.  Stainless will make for a nice edge, but it will not retain the edge the same as your broadhead- THEY DO NOT NEED TO AND ARE HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AS A TISSUE RIPPERS!
    • BloodRings are treated with a corrosion inhibitor but need to be treated with the same care as your Evolution heads (it takes two seconds).
    • If you are looking for a honed finish, it is available but not necessary for the BloodRings to be effective.


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