Orion – 0.166

Orion – 0.166


(13 customer reviews)
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    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Orion Components Add 7/8" to Carbon to Carbon


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Orion Components Add 7/8" to Carbon to Carbon


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Orion Components Add 7/8" to Carbon to Carbon


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Orion Components Add 7/8" to Carbon to Carbon


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Orion Components Add 7/8" to Carbon to Carbon
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    The Orion was brought to the market a little later than other .166 for a reason- Sirius Archery wanted to correct the common issue of micro-diameters easily breaking (especially on the front-end). Through a proprietary blend of resins along with one of the most expensive pure carbon compounds available, we feel we have come up with the solution. Utilizing an enhanced carbon layup technique, the Orion spine consistency yields match-grade shafts as a standard. With Aerospace 40 Ton carbon fiber and resins, this shaft defies the industry’s reputation of brittle Micro diameter shafts. Field-tested, this shaft is designed for long-range game across North America to Africa.

    The Orion’s engineering was extensive, and we did not feel rushing to market to be a “me too” was good for the end-user or our company. If you want a great FOC build on a .166, this is your arrow!



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    Dimensions 38 × 1 × 1 in

    13 reviews for Orion – 0.166

    1. Gary Glenn

      Great arrows and outstanding customer service! The technician I worked with on the phone guided me in selecting my arrows based on my needs and what I would be using them for. He was able to provide me the total arrow weight and FOC percentage while we were on the phone. They will keep your arrow profile in their system and they also sent me a specifications sheet for my arrows for my reference. Couldn’t be happier with their customer service and the arrows look perfect – great job Sirius!

    2. jeffrey hill (verified owner)

      First, I’m far from a seasoned archer. When I called the company to seek advice I was pleased to be able to speak with professionals willing to give me the advice I needed. I’ve bought Vulcan arrows in both 300 and 250 spine. They arrived perfect. I recently bought a half dozen Orions. Wow are they slick. I was looking for an arrow that I can use for Elk that isn’t so heavy my trajectory suffers badly. I’ve got these loaded with 150 grain heads at over 18% FOC and they rock. I tried to attach a picture to show the built up arrow. They were built all in the Sirius house. They even went to the additional step of indexing all the shaft’s. Great job Sirius. I’m sold.

    3. Shane Glackin

      I ordered 12 custom built Orion’s with the help of Seth. Great piece of mind knowing they were professionally built to exactly what I wanted and I appreciate the Specs sheet they include.

      These arrows were basically shooting bullet holes through paper right out of the box. Little to no tuning needed. My only “complaint” is that I’m getting too much penetration 😂. Completely blew through a target with a field point that is supposed to be able to stop broadheads. Highly recommend

    4. Terry calvert (verified owner)

      Best customer service of any company I have ever talked with!! This will be the next top arrow company great product great service Sirius arrows for life for me!!

    5. Justin Salzl

      I can’t say enough great things about Sirius. I started with the Apollo’s, and was able to speak with a tech to get the correct spine for my desired setup. Having a long draw, I was excited when the Orion’s came out and immediately ordered them. I built them with a 100 grain insert/outsert system and 200 grain Tuffhead Evolution broadhead. This gave me a total arrow weight of 630 grains with 19% FOC! I can’t believe I was able to get the FOC I wanted and not be closer to 800 grains. I love their products and customer service. They earned a customer for life.

    6. Braedon Beesley (verified owner)

      Hands down some of the best arrows! If you’re in the market for a micro diameter arrow look no further! They are built impeccably well! They are very strong and straight! The components are phenomenal! Best shafts in the market!

    7. Ryan Metcalf

      After shooting victory vaps for 4 years and building numerous dozens of micro shaft arrows for customers. I MUST SAY the Orion is the best micro diameter arrow on the market. Super straight and super strong!! Thanks SIRIUS!!!

    8. Brian Brace

      I’ve shot all the main stream micro shafts out there. Black Eagle, Victory, Day Six. I haven’t played with the Valkyrie system yet but plan to run Valkyrie center pin system on my Orions when I get around to it.

      I have the 250 spine and for a micro shaft they’re pretty tough so far, every shaft spun perfect, bare shaft was perfect and so far I’m liking the downrange performance.

      I hope to get an opportunity to harvest an animal with them soon, but for a micro these are the best durability to weight ratio shaft out there in my opinion. Don’t hesitate to give them a try.

    9. Jeff Richards

      I have been Bowhunting for over 40 years! and after a few talks with Seth and team at Sirius I will never shoot anything else. My Apollo’s and Orions builds both are 20% FOC and 550 gr plus. Bare shaft tuning was so easy with the tight tolerances and superior carbon they stabilize so quick. The team a Sirius also build a top notch custom build that Hit’s like a freight Train…
      So it is time to GET SIRIUS I did!!!!

    10. Cedric Poage (verified owner)

      Absolutely unreal penetration. These arrows are tough as nails, fly like a dart and, in my opinion, penetrate better than any other shaft out there. You will not be disappointed in the Orions

    11. Euan Rennie

      Testing of several different setups and these out penetrated all others. That is the only drawback in using this as a target arrow. Another missile to the arsenal of Sirius shafts that outperforms all other manufacturers. If you want knockdown power or accuracy, you can’t go past Sirius Archery.

    12. Ryan Clark

      As an African Outfitter and PH I can highly recommend these arrow shafts to any hunter visiting Africa with the intention of hunting Thick-skinned and dangerous Game.
      Sirius Archery definitely comes to the table when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

      Their Dangerous Game systems coupled with the very best in inserts, vanes, Boradheads and custom arrows will definitely give you the edge whilst hunting in Africa.

      Their attention to detail and perfect Arrow flight on the custom arrows will give any hunter Peace of mind.

      Let them set you up with some arrow perfection

      The African Allure Hunting Safaris – Limpopo South Africa

    13. ctoth18

      Ordered some Orions (12) last week . First purchase from Sirius . Arrived quickly . I spin tested the arrows and a couple had some nock end wobble . I contacted customer service and they requested I return the arrows so they could check them . I did and they sent me perfectly straight replacements . This is a company that cares about their customers and that their customers are happy with their products . Companies like Sirius archery that stand behind their products and fix issues is what makes me a customer for life .

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