Ranch Fairy 200-Grain Single Bevel


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    A picture of three Ranch Fairy 200- Grain Single Bevel Broadheads
    Ranch Fairy 200-Grain Single Bevel

    Troy Fowler’s AKA Ranch Fairy’s signature broadhead.  Troy has been working diligently to produce a 200-grain single-bevel that is a combination of deep penetrating, has forgiveness in flight, and is easy to sharpen.  After testing, both on the range and in animals, Troy nailed it!


    Cutting width-  1 1/8”
    Blade length  1.60”
    Blade thickness of .070”


    •  High-Carbon Steel Alloy- heat treated for a perfect blend of impact durability and sharpenability.
    • 35-deg single bevel from the centerline creates a razor-sharp cutting edge with the proper twist rate.
    • Tip-to-tail ferrule design increases strength and reduces tip curl.
    • Oversized ferrule ending to increase wound opening while creating an “S” pattern path. This also places more weight down the centerline for improved flight.
    • 4-way Cut On Contact Tip. Reduces skip angle and aids in splitting bones.
    • Cerakote finish in Troy’s signature color (Troy Coyote Tan) for a slick surface to aid in penetration and aid in corrosion resistance.
    • Spin tested for trueness.
    • Honed by hand with proof of each blade’s sharpness in the box.  All broadheads are hunt ready.  Other companies “CUT” your wallet by charging for sharpening.
    • Packaged matched Weight. +/- 1g between heads and within 5g of stated weight.


    The Ranch Fairy 200-grain head is BloodRing Compatible.  The BloodRings will provide two additional bleeder blades that will not impede penetration through heavy bone but will keep the wound channel from closing.


    Sold in quantities of 3.
    *Right Bevel Only
    *Please allow 5-7 days for shipping as each head is hand-honed before shipping.

    2 reviews for Ranch Fairy 200-Grain Single Bevel

    1. Aaron George

      These broadheads are the best on the market in my opinion I love the one piece construction and the ease of sharpening. They come scary sharp and are truly Ready To Hunt unlike most of the other companies. I shoot these with a Vulcan arrow 100 grain insert and these broadheads make my setup 630-655ish with a lighted nock. Shoots at a super slow 212 fps but I’ve been super effective and extremely deadly with the setup. Thanks Sirius and The Ranch Fairy for the amazing products

    2. Jim Ryser (verified owner)

      Is it “more than you need” for whitetail? Yep. But I WANT that for the error factor that I sometimes have to deal with as an imperfect human being who loves archery hunting. Every “good shot” I’ve made with this broadhead was lethal and fast. I had a marginal shot that was just as lethal and fast as my good shots this year. THIS is why I love RF broadheads.

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