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Why Sirius Archery?

We produce the strongest arrows on the market.  We offer what is traditionally known as an aftermarket (40$) component upgrade as STANDARD and maintain a competitive price. We are the FIRST to do this.  Our goal is to provide the most durable shaft for any arrow build.

Space-Age Carbon Technology

We use high-grade carbons in our products yielding a great strength to weight profile, built for maximum durability.

Custom Services - FAST

We offer a full custom build service, direct-to-consumer. This is a true bow shop custom build, shipped to your door.

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Finding the Right Cut Length - Ranch Fairy

*When inputing your carbon to carbon cut length, please only use decimals in increments of eighths.  You may refer to the included conversion chart for eighth-inch increments.

Eighths Conversion Chart

Fraction   Decimal  
18 0.125
28 0.250
38 0.375
48 0.5
58 0.625
68 0.75
78 0.875