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Our crossbow bolt 0.300 is meticulously finished with layers of our enhanced 3K carbon weave, ensuring remarkable strength along multiple axes. As crossbow technology advances, often exceeding current FPS (Feet Per Second) limits, the Phoenix bolt serves as the cornerstone for achieving heavy arrow weights while maintaining optimal spine integrity at these soaring speeds.

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    The Phoenix crossbow bolt was designed for one purpose, to rise up to the challenge. This is a stout build shaft on a High Modulus carbon foundation providing great arrow memory, phenomenal strength to weight profile, and the base for heavy arrow builds. The arrow is finished with layers of our enhanced 3K carbon weave, providing great arrow strength in multiple axis.

    As crossbows advance and surpass current FPS limits, the Phoenix crossbow bolt provides the foundation to reach heavy hunting arrow weights and maintain spine at those soaring speeds.

    *** These ship as bare shafts with a half-moon nock and the 92-110 grain ethics inserts as standard.  Full customization is available.***

    3 reviews for Phoenix Crossbow Bolt – 0.300

    1. Matt Thielking (verified owner)

      IMO, this is the best bolt on the market. Extremely consistent, accurate and the 110 grain SS insert is perfect for this bolt. You will not be disappointed!

    2. William Leutenegger Jr. (verified owner)

      Easily the best Bolt out there !! Ethics Stainless inserts can bring the destruction !! I was shooting these last year , at 750 grains ! Very sold bolt ! All 12 of my bolts didn’t vary more than +-1 grain !

    3. brittonbeldyga (verified owner)

      I’ve been flinging these out of an old Excalibur with stellar results. All shots have been passthroughs and the bolts I’ve recovered show no signs of damage.

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