Apollo – 0.204


Looking for an arrow that can take on any mission? Look no further than the Apollo .204 Diameter Arrow! This rugged arrow stands up to whatever you throw at it, from Midwest whitetail to dangerous game. Made with proprietary carbons/resin mixtures and manufactured using cutting-edge processes, the Apollo .204 is a true performer. The outer layer of the Apollo arrow is a carbon weave that adds incredible strength and straightness to the shaft. And when paired with premium Ethics Archery components (standard), it provides the perfect platform for building high FOC and high momentum shafts. So whatever your next mission is, make sure you’re armed with the Sirius Archery Apollo .204 Diameter Arrow!

(37 customer reviews)
  • *Spine


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Components Add 1/2" to Carbon to Carbon


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Components Add 1/2" to Carbon to Carbon


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Components Add 1/2" to Carbon to Carbon


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Components Add 1/2" to Carbon to Carbon


    1.   Highest Weight = Uncut Post, Lowest Weight = Lowest Post Cut
    2.   All Components Add 1/2" to Carbon to Carbon
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      .291 Aluminum Half Jacket Sleeve

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    • Picture of Sirius Archery Products Half Jacket System

      .291 Stainless Steel Half Jacket Sleeve

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      .281 Aluminum Half Jacket Sleeve

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    • Picture of Sirius Archery Products Half Jacket System

      .281 Stainless Steel Half Jacket Sleeve

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      .272 Aluminum Half Jacket Sleeve

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      .272 Stainless Steel Half Jacket Sleeve

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      .262 Aluminum Half Jacket Sleeve

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      .262 Stainless Steel Half Jacket Sleeve

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      .346 Half Jacket Stainless Body

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      .310 Half Jacket Aluminum Body

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      .310 Half Jacket Stainless Steel Body

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      Apollo Spine 150

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      Apollo Spine 200

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      Apollo Spine 250

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      Apollo Spine 300

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      Apollo Spine 350

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      Apollo Spine 400

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    • 200 Aluminum Outsert System (Aluminum Post/Stainless Sleeve) (85-115gr)

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    • .204/.281 Aluminum Outsert System (Aluminum Post/Stainless Sleeve) (90-120gr)

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      SKU: 204_281_90-120_AL_OUT
    • .272 Aluminum Outsert System (Aluminum Post/Stainless Sleeve) (85-115gr)

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    • .262 Aluminum Outsert System (Aluminum Post/Stainless Sleeve) (90-120gr)

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      SKU: 204_262_90-120_AL_OUT
    • .295 Stainless Outsert System (Stainless Post/Stainless Sleeve) (175-250gr)

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    • 200 Stainless Outsert System (Stainless Post/Stainless Sleeve) (140-215gr)

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      SKU: 204_287_140-215_SS_OUT
    • .272 Stainless Outsert System (Stainless Post/Stainless Sleeve) (125-215gr)

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      SKU: 204_272_125-215_SS_OUT
    • .262 Stainless Outsert System (Stainless Post/Stainless Sleeve) (130-220gr)

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      SKU: 204_262_130-220_SS_OUT
    • .204/.281 Stainless Outsert System (Stainless Post/Stainless Sleeve) (130-220gr)

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      SKU: 204_281_130-220_SS_OUT
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    Recommended Services (per shaft)

    Full Arrow Customizations take from 2-5 weeks depending on order volume.

    *Desired Component Weight

    *Choose Full Customized or Signature Series

    Broadhead Weight

    *Total Arrow Weight

    To be eligible for the HuntPro Warranty, inserts must weigh at least 75 grains on the HalfJackets and 85 grains on Ethics Outsert System for Gemini and Apollo Arrows, the minimum insert weight for .166 is 65 Grains on Orion Arrows, and the minimum insert weight for Vulcan arrows is 50 grains.

    To Calculate your Weight, CLICK HERE

    *Total Arrow Weight Confirmation

    By checking this box, I certify that I ran my arrow's total weight through the provided FOC calculator HERE.  I confirm that my total arrow weight matches what I put into the FOC and Weight Calculator.  I acknowledge that if my information is inaccurate, Sirius Archery Products has the discretion to adjust my total weight to accommodate the insert system I have purchased.  

    *Number of Fletchings

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    *AAE Color Options (Hen or Secondary Vanes)

    *Feather Options (Cock or Primary Feathers)

    *Feather Options (Hen or Secondary Vanes)

    *Midwest Whitetail Vanes

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    *4" Wrap

    *Midwest Whitetail Signature Wrap (Standard)

    *Bow Draw Weight

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    *Include Custom Build Sheet?

    This spec sheet calculates your final FOC with your specified broadhead.

    Additional notes to builder:


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    Conquer the Skies of Archery with the Apollo 0.204 Arrow

    Welcome to a new era of archery excellence with the Apollo 0.204 Arrow. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and precision engineering, this arrow sets a new standard for performance, accuracy, and versatility. Whether you’re a seasoned archer or a passionate beginner, the Apollo 0.204 Arrow is your ticket to soaring success on the range and in the field.

    Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the Apollo 0.204 Arrow boasts a slender 0.204-inch diameter, offering exceptional aerodynamics and reduced wind drag. This sleek design translates into unparalleled arrow speed, ensuring flatter trajectories and tighter groupings for consistently accurate shots.

    At the heart of the Apollo 0.204 Arrow lies its advanced carbon construction. This high-quality material provides a perfect balance of strength and lightweight attributes, resulting in an arrow that’s both durable and easy to handle. With its remarkable energy transfer upon release, you can expect powerful shots that hit the mark with forceful impact.

    Versatility is the key to the Apollo 0.204 Arrow’s success. Whether you’re engaging in target shooting, 3D archery, or bowhunting, this arrow is engineered to excel in any archery discipline. Its adaptability allows you to push your limits and unleash your full potential, making it the ideal companion for archers of all levels.

    Key features of the Apollo 0.204 Arrow:

    1. Unmatched Speed and Accuracy: The slender 0.204-inch diameter and advanced carbon construction combine to deliver incredible arrow speed and outstanding accuracy, ensuring consistently on-target shots.
    2. Superior Durability: Crafted with top-of-the-line materials, the Apollo 0.204 Arrow is engineered to withstand the rigors of frequent use, providing long-lasting performance and reliability.
    3. Flawless Flight Trajectories: Thanks to its sleek design and reduced wind drag, the arrow’s flight trajectories remain flatter, minimizing the effects of external factors for enhanced shot consistency.
    4. All-Purpose Performance: From precision target shooting to challenging bowhunting scenarios, the Apollo 0.204 Arrow’s versatility enables you to conquer any archery endeavor with confidence.

    Step into the future of archery with the Apollo 0.204 Arrow. Unleash your potential and elevate your shooting experience with its top-notch speed, accuracy, and durability. Whether you’re an aspiring champion or a passionate archer seeking the thrill of the hunt, the Apollo 0.204 Arrow is the ultimate choice for reaching new heights in your archery journey.



    37 reviews for Apollo – 0.204

    1. Gunnar Emberg (verified owner)

      By far the best arrow I’ve used. I needed a stiff spine for my VXR at 80lbs and 30″ draw with 225gr total up front. These things are tanks. I put the same arrow through two different 2x4s and a cinder block before it finally broke. These were so great I even ordered Trad Star arrows before I even bought my longbow. I’ll always come back to Sirius!

    2. Georgia Ann

      One of the best US made arrows out there. Owner Seth is knowledgeable and hands on. I’ve been very happy with my switch to Sirius Apollo arrows!

    3. Brandon Hysel

      After one year I can definitely say these are the toughest and best shooting arrow I have used. It is also great to call the company and speak to the owner who immediately remedies a problem with the post office losing some inserts by sending new ones the same day. Thanks Seth and Sirius crew. Ordering more today

    4. Michael Adkins (verified owner)

      I am rather new to archery and bow hunting. As I began, like many, I took to the internet to learn as much as possible. Found this product through the One and Only Ranch Fairy. I followed the RF’s process and did the RF kit to get the right spine for my intended setup. I settled and ordered the 250 spine Apollo’s with the standard 100 grain half-outs. As part of the build process I weighed all my Sirius components to get the most evenly balanced set. To my surprise through 6 arrows cut to length, all weighed within one-half grain of each other and all the half-outs came in at a mind blowing 100 grains even… 6 of 6. The precision that I am seeing from this product only increases my beliefs that once I release these arrows on target that my game will not go far after impact.

    5. Daniel (verified owner)

      The only issue with these arrows is they are such a work of art I almost don’t want to shoot them. Great service amazing product what are you waiting for just buy them.

    6. Brandon Guse (verified owner)

      These have been great for building my arrows this year. I’m shooting 660 TAW. All custom built by the Sirius crew! Came out of the box flying like darts at 40yards. Thanks for the sweet set up!

    7. Matthew Saiz

      I used the Ranch Fairy test pack to find the right spine and component weight to give me a heavy arrow set up for Alaska. My Sirius Apollo’s have all been strait and easy to tune and their ethics archery components make the arrows even tougher. 525 grains for a short 26inch draw and I completely passed through a Cow Moose at 48 yards.

    8. Brian Brace (verified owner)

      Shot Apollos for the last 3 years. I’ve never had a more consistent flying arrow. I build all my own, but everything is based on the actual consistency of the carbon shaft. The Apollos cover all the bases for me, durable, consistent, they look pretty and I never worry that they won’t get the job done in the field or the target range.

      Sirius is well…. Serious about quality and customer satisfaction. I’m a customer for life or as long as my body will let me draw a bow.

    9. John Mabry (verified owner)

      These are the highest quality shafts I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting. Immediately upon inspection you instantly see and feel the superior design! You can’t wrong with these arrows!

    10. Brad Speranza (verified owner)

      Awesome product and the best customer service!!! Trying out the Orions next!

    11. Brad Speranza (verified owner)

      Awesome product and the best customer service!!! These apollos are about as tough as I’ve seen.

    12. Lyle Harvey (verified owner)

      I could not be happier with the performance of my Sirius Archery Products Apollos. Perfect flight right out of the box. The customer service experience was also first class. The arrow was built exactly to my specifications. I highly recommend these arrows to anyone.

    13. Thomas Fleisher

      I’ve been shooting the 250 spine Apollo’s for 2 years now and I couldn’t be happier. These arrows can take a licking and keep on ticking. Combined with Ethics Archery components, these are tough as nails. You won’t be disappointed.

    14. Jeff Richards

      If you are looking for a Arrow that Hits hard look no more.. Its time to Get Sirius Apollo’s hight for and solid gr weight>>

    15. Gabriel Hendy (verified owner)

      I lost the biggest buck of my life three years ago due to having a cheaply made arrow. I did a lot of research and came across Sirius arrows and had them custom build me nine 750gr bone breakers! Ever since I have yet to break a single arrow after hitting trees, rocks, heavy bone, you name it I’ve hit it. These arrows exceeded my expectations and Sirius has made me a life long customer. They were very patient with me and they have the best customer service around. And to top it off everything is US made! Great arrows and a great company for sure!

    16. Ryan Clark

      Bullet proof arrows that fly extremely well.

      Buy these and get Sirius archery to custom build you some arrows for Africa -you will not need anything else they are rock solid.

      The African Allure Hunting Safaris – Limpopo South Africa

    17. Josh Ray

      I love my Sirius Apollo’s! I have never shot a better flying, more durable arrow and I doubt I ever will. The custom bow shop build delivered right to your door you can get from Sirius is unrivaled. I cannot recommend this company and these arrows highly enough!

    18. John

      I love the apollos. I have hunted with them and used them in 3D competition. Great flying arrows, which are tough and very consistent.

    19. Josh Giles

      I have been bow hunting for 13 years now and these Apollo arrows are nothing short of amazing. I’ve never shot an arrow that hit as hard or flew as straight right out of the box. While fine tuning my bow this summer I was shooting with Sirius Archery field staffer Josh Ray. He witnessed me shoot an arrow high and go into a piece of dried firewood, sunk the arrow about 8 inches and there was no damage. Arrow still flies perfect. This is our first year shooting Sirius arrows and that made a believer out of both of us. I can’t imagine trusting another arrow to get the job done.

    20. Andrew Sandage

      The Apollo’s are by far one of the best stiffer arrows I’ve ever shot. I’ve shot a lot of arrows in the 10years I have shot bows. And this one is by far the best. Couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of these.

    21. Rob Riley (verified owner)

      The Appollo’s are the straightest most consistent arrows I’ve ever shot, I spin test but have never found a more true arrow. I use the same arrows for hunting/3D courses and indoor 5 spot and vegas face competition. Their field points are LEGIT as well, total precision package, arrows, field points and components.

    22. Nathan Morgan (verified owner)

      Been shooting the Apollo’s for a year and love how durable these shafts are. I love the insert system they offer with these arrows because they are built like a tank and fly true.

    23. Luke Bland

      I have been hunting for the better part of 30 plus years now and I have shot just about every arrow manufacturer out there. When I came across the Sirius arrows I was blown away at not only the tolerances, but at how durable they are. These things are tanks and hit like a hammer. I now own every arrow they make and couldn’t be happier with them. If you are looking for the best arrow out there, look no further.

    24. DBarber (verified owner)

      I’ve shot a lot of arrow brands and styles over the years. These apollos are fantastic! Tough as nails and strait. The customization that Sirius gives you is a game changer.

    25. Mike G

      I wouldn’t use any other arrows at this point. The apollo’s have just worked, 2/2 for them and they simply perform. Not to mention they look awesome.

      If you have tools to fletch, you wont find a better deal buying cut arrows from sirius and fletching/assembling yourself.

    26. Edward Cone (verified owner)

      Best arrow I have ever shot. I have been looking to replace my Easton arrow and didn’t think I would find anything better until I found the Ranch Fairy on u tube. I bought a test kit and found the benefits of FOC. The Apollo arrows 300 spine hit hard and are very durable, I actually shot through my barn after passing through my target, I’m still shooting that shaft. Absolutely recommend Sirius Arrows.

    27. Jeff Bryngelson (verified owner)

      For what has been marketed as a premium arrow, I am disappointed. I ordered a dozen Apollos and found that they vary in length by about .050″ (3mm). The inserts are also a bit sloppy, which will make it tougher to properly insert tune. Maybe I’m off base, but I expected better quality control.

      • Seth Poston

        Jeff, we are sorry if you received product that was somehow differing in length. We would be happy to make that right for you. We do ensure that all arrows are 32″ at a minimum.

    28. Matt Savageau (verified owner)

      This review is for the full custom arrow build.
      Was paying for another major brand 5mm carbon arrow, sold in most bow shops, and I can get these for just a little more, custom made. I haven’t put them through the paces yet, but after shooting the other brand, I can say these are definitely tougher when striking tougher objects or glancing off the side of objects. They also pull out of foam targets much easier than the major brand. Plus for a little more than the other brand, you get .001 tolerances, custom vane configurations & colors, spine orientation, a tougher arrow, lighter shaft weight, and way tougher front end. (get the half jacket & sleeve). With the neon orange AAE MAX vanes, these arrows fly through the air quieter than my previous arrows and they are easier to see with all orange helical vanes. They are at least as precise as the other brand, and will most likely turn out to be more precise once I have gotten use to them. Plus Sirius offers the full build so you can have them ready to shoot out of the box, or save a little money and assemble your self by ordering the components. If your choosing all vanes the same color, I definitely recommend having the spine aligned(marked). These will be replacing my other brand as I loose or brake my other brand.

    29. Clayton Bishop (verified owner)

      I shoot 70# at 29.5″ and ran Easton Hexx 260 spine with 75g brass inserts and 125g 3 blade cutthroats. 278 fps and 15% FOC. I loved the way Hexx flew but last year, 3 arrows broke on Whitetail, and 2 were not recovered after very long tracks. We went back the 2nd day on both counts and were unsuccessful. The one I did recover had an exit and a good trail. It was quartering away hard and shot from a 25′ treestand at 27 yards. The impact was in the upper third at the back of the lung and exited in front of the offside shoulder taking out the back of the lung, heart and front of the offside lung. Couldn’t have been a better shot from that angle. I found the front 1/3 of the arrow 5 yards from impact and the back half was about 25 yards away. The deer went 50 yards. There was no scapula or heavy bone impact, just ribs and cartilage. Each of the Hexx arrows was new and only bare shaft tested and had a few shots with the broadhead to verify. This was the last straw and I swore, never again, and began doing research. I stumbled across Sirius and ordered 12 Apollos just as the new half-outs became standard components. These arrows are tough. 250 spine, 29″ carbon to carbon length. Be aware the half-outs add about 1/2″ to the total lengh so the new length is really 29 1/2″. With the 125g Cutthroats, the total weight is 568g and 17% FOC and I am still getting 262 FPS. Not a bad trade-off at all. I made several calls and spoke with Tyler. I believe thats his name and I hope I got the name right as he deserves the recognition! Great guy who spent alot of time helping me get to the right setup. All arrows were consistent and true. After a 1/32 – 1/16″ adjustment to my rest, the bare shafts flew with my fletched arrows. I started at 10 yards and worked my way back to 30 yards. All were less than 1″ group at 30 yards with bare shafts compared to my fletched arrows. You can’t get better or easier than that. It’s summer so we’re hunting Texas pigs. 7 pigs have been shot so far with the Apollo’s ranging from 150-325lbs. All full pass-throughs except for the 325 pounder. But, the broadhead did make it through with the fletching still exposed. He was recovered within 75 yards and the arrow was in perfect condition. They are tough! I highly recommend the Apollo’s for a great mid-weight arrow with solid FOC. Its not extremely heavy or extreme FOC but they work! I cant wait to see the Apollo’s cut through white-tail like butter. Great job guys and thank you Tyler.. Apoliogies if the name is wrong.

    30. Jacob switzer (verified owner)

      I bought a half dozen to test. 250 spine, AL/SS 100g half jacket.

      I bare shafted 2. I am Already shooting 204 arrows not really needing a full tune. Just a double check and a Sight tape really.

      My only complaint is I broke a nock and chipped about a quarter Inch on the nock end of the shaft which is to be expected when a nock takes a 535 grain arrow impact. Completely my fault. Should of stopped shooting a shot or two prior.didndt Robin hood guys I’m nothing spectacular but it Def took a impact lol.

      That being said. I doubt I’ll change arrows unless it’s to go 166. My hats off to sirius. I need a bakers dozen more
      before September 🤣😂

    31. Daniel G. (verified owner)

      Would give 5 stars other than one issue. I had ordered a doz apollos cut and hardware installed by Sirius. A few weeks in to shooting I removed one arrow from the target and the had collar slid back 1/4” from the insert upon target impact. Didn’t think epoxy would let go like that. Im not sure if I can salvage it or not. Other than that they’ve been great flyers.

    32. Ian Shiemke

      Phenomenal customer service and great products – 2 must haves, especially in a service driven industry like archery. There was an error on my order, I let them know and Tyler made it right and I had the replacement arrows on my porch the next day. Beyond that, they fly straight, components are installed very well, and they’re now my go-to in the quiver, out performing the Easton Sonics I’ve used for a while now. Organizations like these that are consistently seeking to improve their products and grow partnerships with their customers are the ones we should be supporting.

    33. Drake Carmical (verified owner)

      Can’t say enough for how impressed I am with this arrow and with the company as a whole. The costumer service is the best you will find hands down. They will set up a phone call with you and walk you through the entire process to make sure you are getting what us right for you and your bow.

    34. Drake Carmical (verified owner)

      Can’t say enough for how impressed I am with this arrow and with the company as a whole. The costumer service is the best you will find hands down. They will set up a phone call with you and walk you through the entire process to make sure you are getting what us right for you and your bow.

    35. Tyler

      Best arrows out. So I’m a perfectionist, I’m not satisfied with mediocre anything. I’m constantly seeking out the best and with these Apollos I have found that. I’ve tried a few different brands, I was shooting easton axis 5mm match grades, and thought those were pretty good but I knew there had to be something better thats out here. And after watching a few different YouTube videos and a few of the guys I follow on there I’d figure I’d give them a try, and boy am i glade I did. I bought 2 dozen easton axis’s to get 6 “perfect” arrows, really only 2 was perfect the rest tolerable. I bought 6 Apollos and every single one of them are perfect, no wobble at all on either ends. My shot group improved and I’m very pleased that I gave them a shot.
      I highly recommend at least getting 3 and give them a try but you should honestly just buy 6 or a whole dozen as you’ll just be ordering more after a day or two. You will not be disappointed in these arrows.
      I’m shooting a mathews phase 4 at 65#s and 26.5″ draw, 26″ arrows 75grain insert/outsert weight, 100 grain feildpoint (turkey) 125 grain (deer), aae max hunter vanes 2.5° left, 436grian(100grain tip) TAW, and 16%FOC. And 461 (125grain tip) and around a 18%FOC. Both fly amazing with broadheads as well.
      Again do yourself a favor and switch to the best

    36. launger11 (verified owner)

      I’m super impressed with the Apollo arrows and service that Sirius provided. I used the extreme FOC ranch fairy test kit to figure out proper broadhead weight for my set up. Seth was super helpful guiding me through the process with emails and a phone call even. The arrows fly true/incredibly accurately with single bevel fixed blade broadheads. The arrows are incredibly durable and take a lot of abuse, taking impacts that would have easily broken other arrows that I own. Excellent product.

    37. Luke Burch (verified owner)

      Been shooting these since 2021 and there is no better option out there. The guys at Sirius have the best customer service in the industry and most certainly have the most knowledge. I was saved by the ranch fairy and these guys for setting me up. Reach out to the guys and tell them your specs, your intent and what you mostly hunt and just listen. I have a 33.25” draw so it’s been hard finding an arrow with correct spine and the way the fly is unbelievable. I shoot 70lbs so they recommended a 32” Apollo with 100 grain insert with 150 grain Tuffhead evolution and couldn’t be happier. Also have shot the Magnus broadheads here in NC in the past and have blown through multiple sets of shoulders with them. I’m excited to see how the evolutions do this season. Just listen to them, they know their stuff! P.S. the Tuffheads fly better than any other broadhead I’ve ever shot…. Including mechanicals, which I’m embarrassed to admit I even tried those early on in my archery adventure.

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