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T-Bone "Freezer Filler" Custom Build

Travis “T-Bone Turner” is highly regarded in the hunting and 3D community. He is renowned for his exceptional arrow customization skills, which have earned him podium-winning target accuracy. T-Bone has collaborated with Sirius Archery Products to create the T-Bone Exclusive Custom-Built Arrows. These arrows are the epitome of precision, accuracy, and penetration in the world of archery. The craftsmen at Sirius Archery Products meticulously craft each arrow with state-of-the-art materials and engineering, delivering unparalleled performance for even the most demanding archers and bowhunters.

picture of a person holding a single bevel fixed blade broadhead in his hands.

Lifetime Hunting Warranty

If you break your arrow while you are hunting, no worries, we have you covered!

Single-Jig Vane Installation

All vanes are exactly the same giving the exact same flight time after time after time. It take longer to produce the custom arrows in this fashion, but it is worth the time!

Perfect Aerodynamics

Flex Fletch is providing the T-Bone exclusive vane which will provide optimum stabilization for both fixed blades and mechanicals.

Strong, Strong, Strong

Every arrow comes with the patent-pending Sirius HalfJacket System manufactured for Sirius by Ethics Archery (strongest inserts in archery).

Sirius Archery Apollo Arrow Half Jacket Picture

Spine Alignment & Hand-Squaring

Accuracy comes through precision arrow-making skills. Spine alignment and hand squaring is essential to accuracy. Accuracy leads to better penetration. Hand squaring and spine alignment = deep penetration.

Full Arrow Customization
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