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    Want to extend the life of your arrows, reduce the friction of your arrow to promote deeper penetration into your animals, and have easier target removal? We have the solution!

    Introducing SiriuslySlick carbon shaft conditioner. Apply the carbon shaft conditioner after every few arrow shooting sessions and before your hunt. Every Sirius arrow leaves our facility with a fresh coating of SiriuslySlick to protect and lengthen the arrow’s life. Over time, it is a good idea to keep them looking showroom new with a simple coat of SiriuslySlick!

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    5 reviews for SiriuslySlick Carbon Shaft Conditioner

    1. Braedon Beesley (verified owner)

      Works great! After a lot of target practice you can run a little on and your arrows will pull out like new again!

    2. Thomas Fleisher

      I started using Siriusly Slick this summer when I started using my blob target. It made arrow removal a snap compared to untreated arrows. I also use it on the Apollo’s that go in my quiver. Archery is a game of inches so why not put as much in your favor as possible.

    3. John

      Definitely made removing my arrows from targets a lot easier. High recommend

    4. William Leutenegger Jr.

      Awesome product ! Makes arrow removal easy ! And also save wear on my shafts , keeping wood look on my shafts longer , TradStars

    5. Justin Salzl (verified owner)

      I can’t believe the difference this makes on my Orions. I’ve been shooting a High Roller target (almost time for replacement) with field points with a hay bale behind it. I’ve been getting decent penetration into the hay bale, but my arrows were easily in the target for removal. After using SiriuslySlick, all 3 shots buried completely into the target. It is time to replace the target. It’s only going to help on deer. Thanks again for making me more lethal!

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