Evolution Series Single Bevel Version 2.0-200-Grain-Left Bevel


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    The left-bevel Broadheads will work perfectly with the current Bloodrings, but the true left-bevel cut bloodrings will not be available for another 14-21 days.


    Cutting width of 1.1875”
    Blade length of 1.36”
    Blade thickness of .070”


    • S7 Tool Steel heat treated to a perfect blend of durability and sharpen-ability.
    • 28 deg single bevel from the centerline creates a razor-sharp cutting edge with proper twist rate.
    • Tip-to-tail ferrule design increases strength and reduces tip curl.
    • Oversized ferrule ending to increase wound opening diameter during “S” pattern path. This also places more weight down the centerline for improved flight.
    • 4-way Cut On Contact Tip reduces skip angle and aids in splitting bones.
    • Ceramic finish for a slick surface to aid in penetration and corrosion.
    • Spin tested for trueness.
    • Hand-finished and hunt-ready.
    • Packaged matched Weight. +/- 5g.
    • Patent Pending design features.


    Sold in quantities of 3.
    *Please allow a couple of extra days for shipping. These heads are hand-finished upon order.


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