A brand built with a purpose! We use high-grade carbons in our products yielding a great strength to weight profile, built for maximum durability

Hassle-Free Lifetime Hunting Warranty On All Full custom Arrows Including All Signature Series!

Although it is rare for Sirius Archery arrows to break during hunting, unforeseen circumstances may occur. For example, if the animal drops down on your arrow after an offside shoulder hit, breaks against a tree, or gets trampled after a passthrough on a cape buffalo; we have a solution for you! HuntPro Guarantee assures you that your investment is secure because Sirius Archery will send you a new custom arrow according to your specifications. There are no big hoops to jump through, just a picture and a short online fillable form.


World’s premier supplier of custom-built premium carbon hunting arrows, target shooting arrows, arrow-building equipment & other archery products. We offer a wide range of arrows, bows, field points, arrow components, ranch fairy, and tuffhead broadheads.

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