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Limited Warranty

The following are guidelines for the limited lifetime warranty

What is Covered By The Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Any failure of the product while hunting.  Any broadhead from Tuffhead will be warranted if damaged after being shot into an animal-for any reason.  The high quality standards at Tuffhead means that you should never have an issue.  But, if you do, we stand behind all of our broadheads.  See exclusion below for removal damage.
  • Any failure as a result of material defect or workmanship.
  • All Warranties are for the original purchaser of the broadheads. Beware that there are Chinese nock-offs being produced with the name Tuffhead on them, so proof of original purchase is required.  

What is Not Covered By The Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Damage to a broadhead as a result of changing the bevel angle.  The broadheads you received are designed specifically with the bevel angle when produced.  Any damage where the bevel angle has been changed will void the warranty.
  • Broadhead damage that is a result of shooting into a media that is not designed for broadheads.  For example, shooting your broadheads into a concrete wall, rebar leg of your 3D target, etc.  Also, shooting through a target and hitting foreign objects is not covered.  Use the proper target that is in good and designed for use with broadheads.  
  • Shooting groups of arrows together to see how close you can get your broadheads.  This is not smart for several reasons, but mostly because it is dangerous to the carbon arrow that may be cut inside the target and cause damage to the arrow that you may not see.  Plus, it does not damage just one broadhead, but two.  The back on one is damaged and the blades and tips of the other.  Most hits from tool steel on tool steel can be sharpened out, but the stainless and high carbon steels, they can damage the broadhead beyond use.
  • Damage from trying to retrieve a broadhead shot into an unintended target.  Some examples are fencepost, outbuildings, tree roots.  Ensure that you are protecting the ferrule and the threads when removing the broadheads.  Any damage sustained in removal, even if shot through an animal, will not be covered.
  • Rolling of a Tanto tip.  When you hit an item extremely hard, the Tanto tip can sustain minor damage.  These can usually be set back with sharpening.  If there is severe damage to a tip that is a result of improper heat treating, the warranty will be honored.
  • Dull blades after repeated shooting is not covered by this warranty.
  • Damage from improper sharpening.
  • Rust on the blades is not covered by the warranty.  Some of the metals used by Tuffhead including S7 and high-carbon steel have superior impact resistance and edge retention, but they last the chromium that stainless products contain.  The blades leave Tuffhead with Blade Guard from Eagle Tears before shipping.  Blade Guard is available on our website and should be used after sharpening and use.
  • Return shipping on warranty heads is the responsibility of the purchaser.

How do I obtain Warranty?

  • Please do not send broadheads back until you have spoken to our staff at 877-442-7769 Ext. 1
  • Proof of original purchase and damage is required.

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