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The TUFFHEAD is a stainless steel cut-on-contact single bevel broadhead.


The MEATHEAD is a carbon steel version of the TUFFHEAD.

TUFFHEAD attributes

The TUFFHEAD™ is 3 3/16 inches long by 1 1/16 inches wide at the widest point for a 3:1 ratio. This ratio has been proven over a long time as the ultimate design for flight, penetration, and high mechanical advantage. The high mechanical advantage of 3.0 has improved flight characteristics over other broadheads and intensifies the ability of the broadhead to penetrate its target.

The Tuffhead Design

The TUFFHEAD™  broadhead is very versatile and can be glued directly on the arrow or screwed on with an adapter.  Made of 420HC high carbon stainless steel, this tough 3 to 1 ratio laminated head is design with a cut-on-contact 30 double bevel degree tanto tip and is ground with a single-bevel 30-degree factory sharp cutting edge.

Dr. Ed Ashby’s conclusions, based on his extensive broadhead experimentation, were the basis for the TUFFHEAD™ design.  Dr. Ashby is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on broadhead design and performance.  Comparing broadheads from multiple manufactures, which included different blade configurations, weights, and cutting edge design, Dr. Ashby was able to determine which features would make the best penetrating, bone-crushing broadhead.  Incorporating Dr. Ed Ashby’s findings, and our own innovations have resulted in the ultimate broadhead design.  Built like a Sherman tank the TUFFHEAD™ is made tough and strong to plow through bone and tissue.  The TUFFHEAD™ with a three to one length to width ratio (3 3/16 x 1 1/16) flies faultlessly and is well suited for all weight forward of center (FOC) arrows.  The single bevel cutting edge, by design, rotates in flesh and bone, exaggerating the wound channel providing good blood trails.  Whichever bow you chose, traditional, primitive, or compound bow, you can be confident in its killing power using the TUFFHEAD™ broadhead.

The TUFFHEAD™ which is offered in both 225, 300, and 315 grain weights, is the only broadhead on the market that is designed to give wood arrow shooters an opportunity to increase their arrow weight into the desired weight thresholds for increased penetration of both soft and hard tissue.  Using the TUFFHEAD™ archers can create heavier arrows with a higher forward of center for increased penetration. Creating a more lethal and ethical hunting arrow.

Quality Control, Testing, and Warranty

In these days of expensive hunts, equipment, and the limited amount of time most of us can dedicate to our passion for bow hunting, it is important that we use the best equipment we can find.

There is nothing worse than a hunt spoiled because of equipment failure.  This is why as a manufacturer, we strive to make the best broadhead that can be produced!  We take pride in our craftsmanship and consider each TUFFHEAD™ an extension of our workmanship.

Pride in craftsmanship translates into quality.  During the construction process, the TUFFHEAD™ broadhead is continually monitored for quality.  Each individual broadhead is handled at least 30 times during manufacturing and is visually inspected multiple times at each stage of this process. Each broadhead is heat tested, pressure tested, and spin tested to ensure each one meets our standards before packaging and selling.

We offer a full replacement warranty against manufacturing defects such as breakage, tip curling, and bending as the broadhead passes through an animal.  We do not, however, honor the warranty on missed shots.

You can hunt with confidence knowing the TUFFHEAD will fly true and perform flawlessly.  We are proud of the TUFFHEAD and to say all of our broadheads are handmade in the United States by true craftsmen.

bowhunter's formulas

As archers, why do we need to be concerned with such terms as “mechanical advantage”, “momentum”, and “EFOC”?

"Adequate penetration appeared to require a total arrow mass of at least 650 grains if any bones at all were encountered."

The answer is you don’t, that is, unless you intend to hunt with your bow. 

If hunters use a bow in their pursuit of game, they owe it to themselves, and the animals that they hunt, to make every effort to ensure good, clean, ethical kills. To accomplish this, it is imperative that one has an in-depth knowledge of their equipment, including knowledge of all the external forces that affect the dynamics of their broadhead and arrow on the way to and during the penetration of their target.  A lot of archers will go through their whole hunting career not knowing what these terms mean and how these physical forces affect their arrow penetration and flight. 

Congratulations! If you have read this far you are definitely a cut above the norm.  The success of a hunt always involves paying attention to detail.  We’ll assume you have already looked at at least some of the Ashby studies and understand the values he places on these topics.  If you have not reviewed Dr. Ashby’s studies on these topics, now is a good time.  You’ll soon see why we got involved in broadhead design and created the TUFFHEAD™.