Sirius Africa Safari- 2022

Your Adventure Await for only $6,500.00!

  1. Six-Day/ Seven Night African Safari with the Sirius Hunt Team
  2. Group is open to only SIX hunters!!!!
  3. Package includes Five Animals*
  4. Includes premium accommodations, meals (you will get fat), animal skinning, and tips.  
  5. Includes spacious blinds in archery-only concessions!
  6. Includes a skull carving demonstration with your own practice skull.
  7. A time for photo safaris is possible once you are tagged out.
  8. Video services with editing are available during your hunt for an additional fee.
  9. Other animals may be added at regular trophy prices.
  10. Group conference calls will be scheduled to allow you to ask any questions.
  11. If the trip is postponed due to Covid-19, it will be rescheduled at everyone’s convenience.  
  12. You will be with experienced guides and traveling to South Africa with the experience of the Sirius Archery Hunt Team.  The group will be flying on the same flight out of Atlanta and returning on the same flight.  Customs is easy as we will not be taking firearms.  
  13. *Animals included: (1) Nyala, (1) of either Zebra or Blue Wildebeest, (1) Each Impala, (1) Each Warthog, (1) Each Blesbok.  Baboons, jackals, and monkeys are free to shoot but no dedicated time will be allotted for hunting them exclusively.

What is not included:

  1. Airfare to and from South Africa
  2. One hotel right at the airport (around $150.00 currently)
  3. Taxidermy including shipping or dip and pack fees.
  4. Primates require a permit fee and CITES permit.  The permit fees are not included in the price.
  5.  Transfers to and from the airport ($150.00/per person).
  6. $180/per person/day for any non-hunting companion.
  7. $11.50 per animal conservation fee which includes VAT tax.
  8. Helicopter services if needed.
  9.  Rifle Rent $35.00/Day and each cartridge is $5.50 (we may move to a separate concession on the last day if someone has not gotten their full amount of animals)
  10. Authentic African Gifts and Wine which will be available to take home.

Other notes:

  1.  Sirius will be filming a new series the entire hunt.  If you wish not to be filmed, we will need to know this up-front.
  2. Sirius Archery Products makes $0.00 from this hunt and will be paying to hunt also.  Sirius Archery Products is not responsible for any calamity that arises (we will be in the same boat).  We did check out the concession last year and found it to be an incredible experience!  The concession owner and outfitter is Ryan Clark who is one of South Africa’s highest level of Professional Guides.
  3.  No one is considered a hunter until the deposit has been received, and no spots will be held.  The deposit is $3000.00 plus any PayPal fees (you can choose to do an international wire instead of Paypal and Ryan can give you the wiring instructions). Deposit is non-refundable.  For instructions to secure your spot or any other inquiries, please email
  4. The balance of the trip must be paid within 30-days of departure.
  5. The website is  
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