SiriuslyTuff Insert Epoxy

SiriuslyTuff Insert Epoxy


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    Tired of finding your inserts and points left inside your target? Tired of cutting open your $100-$150 targets so you don’t ruin your other arrows? We have the solution!

    Introducing SiriuslyTuff Insert Epoxy- In a joint venture with TuffHead Broadheads, Sirius Archery set out to developed the toughest available epoxy specifically designed for carbon and aluminum arrow shafts. What can we say? Nailed it! The formula was tested in over 170 Dozen arrows from our in-house custom shop before being released- NOT ONE INSERT CAME OUT!

    Shelf Life- 2-Years

    Working Time- 7- Minutes

    Full Cure Time- 24 Hours

    Fieldpoint Shooting 2-Hours

    Broadhead Shooting- 24 Hours

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    Weight 0.207 lbs
    Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in


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