SiriuslyTuff Insert Epoxy


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    SiriuslyTuff Insert Epoxy

    Tired of finding your inserts and points left inside your target? Tired of cutting open your $100-$150 targets so you don’t ruin your other arrows? We have the solution!

    Introducing SiriuslyTuff Insert Epoxy- In a joint venture with TuffHead Broadheads, Sirius Archery set out to developed the toughest available epoxy specifically designed for carbon and aluminum arrow shafts. What can we say? Nailed it! The formula was tested in over 170 Dozen arrows from our in-house custom shop before being released- NOT ONE INSERT CAME OUT!

    Shelf Life- 2-Years

    Working Time- 7- Minutes

    Full Cure Time- 24 Hours

    Broadhead Shooting- 24 Hours

    6 reviews for SiriuslyTuff Insert Epoxy

    1. Justin Stone (verified owner)

      Used this on my first arrow build and let me just start with holds great. And when they say u only need like a nickel size amount for a dozen arrows they mean it.

    2. Jeff Richards

      This insert Epoxy is tuff as nails.. great work time is key to me building arrows there is no rushing it. Highly recommend this product.

    3. John

      Awesome product and very tuff. It has held my inserts in without any issues and super easy to apply.

    4. William Leutenegger Jr.

      This stuff works awesome and is permanent ! Prep the shaft , clean out , this isn’t letting go !! Awesome product

    5. Steve (verified owner)

      Very impressed with this over the other epoxies I’ve used. I find you need more then a nickel sized amount of epoxy, but I’m doing inserts and footers together so they are a solid unit.

      I will say the smell from the epoxy tends to be a bit potent and reminds me of the days when I use to go with my grandma to the hair salon when she got her hair done, believe it was a perm? Anyways fantastic epoxy.

      Like all epoxies make sure you prep the arrow by roughen up the carbon/surface so it has something to bond to, for Inserts use a bore brush and for the footers just standard sand paper to ensure a good bond.

    6. Tom Fleisher

      This is the best epoxy on the market hands down!!! Simply follow the directions and this stuff will not budge. Plenty of working time to allow for getting your components installed properly. A little goes a long way as well. Highly recommend.

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