Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch Jig


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Bitzenburger Dial-O-Fletch is Old Faithful!

The Bitzenburger™ fletching jig is made of long-lasting zinc die-cast alloy. Its superior quality makes it the only jig you will ever need to buy. Large dials at the top and bottom of the magnet holder make it easy to adjust the angle of your fletching within seconds.

You have the option of a straight, offset, or true right or left helical.  The clamp is held at a 45 degrees angle so you will have a clear view of the fletching at all times.

The strong permanent horseshoe magnet allows for very precise and uniform placement of all feathers and vanes. All of the many patented functional features work in unison with this magnet. The magnet is the most expensive and important part of this tool. Great care should be taken to protect it. A metal keeper or the clamp should be kept across the face of the magnet at all times.

Your choice of a straight, left or right-helical clamp.

Made in the USA.

* Pairs well with SiriuslyTuff Fletching Glue!


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