HuntPro Guarantee

Picture of a man with a cape buffalo and the words HUNTPRO Guarantee.

Although it is rare for Sirius Archery arrows to break during hunting, unforeseen circumstances may occur. For example, if the animal drops down on your arrow after an offside shoulder hit, breaks against a tree, or gets trampled after a passthrough on a cape buffalo; we have a solution for you! HuntPro Guarantee assures you that your investment is secure because Sirius Archery will send you a new custom arrow according to your specifications.  There are no big hoops to jump through, just a picture and a short online fillable form.

Warranty Coverage

To ensure quality, the arrow needs to be a custom-made build from Sirius Archery Products, which includes: Standard Full Arrow Customization,  MidWest Whitetail Edition, Ranch Fairy EZ Button Arrows, and T-Bone Freezer Fillers purchased After 7/1/2023.

  1. Inserts must weigh at least 75 grains on the HalfJackets and 85 grains on Ethics Outsert System for all Gemini, Apollo, and SuperNova SD arrows.  The minimum insert weight for all Vulcan, Supernova 2.0, and TradStar arrows is 50 grains.  The minimum insert weight for .166 is 65 Grains on Orion Arrows. 
  2. Aftermarket inserts void the warranty due to the possibility of poor structural integrity.
  3. Nock Collars that are provided with arrows must be installed.
  4. You must be legally hunting when the arrow breaks.
  5. A photo of the arrow is required and actual return shipping charges is the responsibility of the customer (no mark-up) 
  6. This warranty is for United States and Canada Customers only.

***Warranty Only Applies To Custom, T-Bone, And Ranch Fairy EZ Button Orders After July 1, 2023***

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